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Information Technology (IT) Program and Project Management

Capital Ethos provides IT program and project management services throughout the project management and systems engineering lifecycles. We manage the project from project initiation to project close out. We plan, manage, control and direct the functional areas of Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Cost Control, Scheduling and Earned Value Management to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and meet the needs of the customer. We specialize in standing up Project Management Offices (PMO) and Integrated Product Teams (IPT), integrating new processes and procedures into existing organizations while understanding the impact that the organizational or business culture has on the successful deployment of any groundbreaking initiative. Our management consultants are certified project management professionals (PMP).

IT Governance

Capital Ethos provides expertise, support and leadership in the design, development, refinement and implementation of organizational IT Governance programs in order to provide key decision-makers and stakeholders with information that is actionable and valuable for making investment decisions based on established evaluation criteria and standards. We manage all aspects of IT Governance throughout the business and IT Lifecycle process to ensure that processes are clearly defined and that project capabilities are efficiently integrated in to the business and enterprise architectures. We specialize in standing up and supporting Executive-Level Steering Committees, Oversight Review Boards and Working Groups that determine project readiness. We ensure that appropriate level of controls, safeguards and escalation procedures are in place and appropriate for each organization.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Support

Capital Ethos has made a significant investment in preparing for FOIA opportunities and through a long standing professional relationship with Compass Systems Consulting, Inc. has developed “out of the box” Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) processes, procedures, templates and methodologies to meet our client’s needs and requirements. We have teamed up to provide a capability to perform all FOIA processing services, including: serving as the point of contact on FOIA requests; coordinating all document searches and responses; reviewing and/or preparing all necessary documentation and correspondence; providing expert guidance and recommendations to management and staff regarding responsive documents and exemptions; communicating orally and in writing with FOIA requesters, submitters, agency personnel, and other stakeholders; tracking status of actions for each FOIA; coordinating fee payments; maintaining records for all FOIA requests; and assisting staff in meetings pertaining to assigned FOIA matters.

We also perform additional FOIA-related duties, including: assisting with FOIA Administrative Appeals; assisting with FOIA litigation, including document production and creation of Vaughn Indexes; designing and developing FOIA status tracking systems; designing and developing reports; surge processing (i.e., rapid backlog reduction); developing, implementing, and maintaining efficient and effective FOIA processes, procedures, and document retention methods; assisting with development of FOIA policies, standard operating procedures, guides, and contract language; FOIA training; establishing virtual Reading Room programs; developing and implementing FOIA best practices; conducting efficiency and compliance studies and analyses; and ad hoc FOIA consulting services.

Organizational Transformation and Analysis

Capital Ethos provides comprehensive planning and analysis services to implement Business Process Management and Re-Engineering programs, projects and initiatives that ensure the alignment of business strategies, people, processes and technology. We conduct evaluations of the business goals and objectives, strategic vision, mission, organizational structure, Job definitions, reward structures, business work flows, control processes and the re-evaluation of the organizational culture and business model to achieve maximum organizational synergy, efficiencies, effectiveness, performance and to reduce costs.

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