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Capital Ethos is capable of providing a full range of tailored “right sized” products that are appropriate for the scope and complexity of small to medium size programs and projects.  Provided is a representative list of the products we have delivered to clients.  For a comprehensive capabilities statement please email us at

Program and Project Management

  • Charters
  • Project Management Plans
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Configuration Management Plans
  • Quality Assurance Plans

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

  • Vaughn Indexes
  • FOIA Status Tracking Systems
  • Virtual Reading Room Programs
  • Compliance Studies
  • Analytical Reports

Organizational Transformation and Systems Analysis

  • Business Process Management and Re-engineering
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Business Workflow
  • Process Modeling
  • Concept of Operations
  • System Architecture Views

Earned Value Management (EVM)

  • EVM plan
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrices
  • Total Performance Measurement Baselines
  • Work Packages
  • Variance Analysis Reports
  • Evaluation of EVM Compliance
  • EVMS Training
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